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rodimiss asked: as an east coast kid i've only heard "ochem"













So far we have accumulated enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that no one on the west coast, east coast, or the Midwest says orgo.

Who are you mysterious orgo people?!?!? Who are you???

attn science side of tumblr we are doing an extremely important study on who actually says orgo

I say orgo and that is what I heard in my undergrad institution in Boston. (But I am a physicist so maybe the chem students said ochem?). Math person in my office who is from Mexico said he has hear ochem or carbonchem. Other physics person in my office has heard both ochem and orgo but she said that ochem is more common where she went to school (Chicago).

carbonchem? now we have to make a whole new addition to the survey this is getting out of hand

new england says orgo

Uni of Illinois says orgo, which wrecked me coming from California.

I say ochem (I took it at Western Washington University) but my girlfriend calls it orgo. She’s from Kentucky.

Said girlfriend from Kentucky (baby, is this a thing now or), and I don’t really remember my picking up saying orgo, haha, but it’s a thing.

Ochem all the way! Although the former lab tech at the local community college liked to abbreviate it “org”. It was strange.

BC, Canada (west coast) and almost everyone here uses o chem.

I’ve only ever heard it called orgo / organic (University of Toronto/McMaster)

Pharmacy Tech in Ohio that worked with several Pharmacy students from the University of Cincinnati — they all called it OChem 

Pretty sure everyone at my school in central PA called it orgo. (Although I myself am a classicist who took no chemistry)

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Be a lady in the streets and a dark, terrifying, chthonic hellbeast in the roads and alleyways, in the liminal, protean spaces from which people avert their gaze and speed past in unthinking, primal terror.

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GUYS GUYS GUYS, I finally got a TEACHING JOB!!  After months of searching, I snagged a Latin position at a great school (which is an unfortunately long commute from my house, but whatevs).  SO EXCITED.  gordianii has promised to teach my new students how to build catapults.   

I will build so many catapults with the Latin babies.

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Photos from 1935 Japan via Old Photos of Japan.

Japanese school girls practicing naginata (薙刀). Naginata is a pole weapon traditionally used by members of the samurai class. It consists of a wooden shaft with a curved blade on the end. In the modern martial art form of naginata, it is carved from one piece of Japanese white oak or it features a replaceable blade constructed from bamboo. Practitioners wear protective armor called bogu (防具). It is very similar to the armor worn by practitioners of kendo. In modern Japan, naginatajutsu is practiced especially by women.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and tag tamorapierce here because this is just too cool for words. 

And that limb held, `cos here I am, with thanks!

Look at them, at the easy grace with which they wait, at their focus on the weapon and beyond it, the opponent.

Thank you! I sit here in delighted fascination. :3

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