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11 Questions Meme, part two!

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1) If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and what would you be doing?

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium, creepin on the cephalopods. Because there are so many things I want to see, but that one is a little more time-sensitive than most.

2) Biggest guilty pleasure in fan fiction?

I mean, as I mentioned in the one of these I just did, I fucking love me some unrequited pining (maaaaaaybe requited pining can come too, but only if it’s very good). Give me all your doomed love~~~

Also anything where everyone dies in a sweet and poetic but ultimately vain way is another oddly specific shameful kryptonite. So maybe just futility?

3) Dream cosplay?

Oh man, so many. Maybe Ezio Auditore, if the cosplay also came with some modicum of building-climbing skill. Or, like, Cherno Alpha.

4) Favorite historical figure?


5) Strangest thing you’ve ever cried over?

When I am at the apex of hormonal nonsense, I will cry over goddamn anything. I think the worst was when I spilled a little water (like, on a counter—not even on something that would be damaged by it). I guess I make up for it by not really crying much when actual things happen.

6) Which person (fictional or real) would you most like to date who is not of your usual gender preference? (Bi/pan friends, let’s say usual type, if you have one)

Dean Winchester, but only in that one episode in the 40’s where he wears the nice suit and vest. Like, he is a pretty, pretty man, but you have to have the snazzy clothes.

7) What would you sell your soul for?

Well, I’ve established with my roommates that I’d sell it to end queerbaiting and various shitty arguments people make to marginalized groups (eg, “you’re the intolerant one because you don’t accept my intolerant beliefs”). It’d be nice if it came with perpetual financial security too, though.

8) Which fictional universe would you most like to inhabit?


9) Pick your fictional parents (no restrictions on gender, but let’s say you get two and they both have to be at least vaguely middle-aged)

Bobby Singer and Izumi Curtis. I would kick nine kinds of ass and it would be glorious. And I think Izumi would be good for Bobby.

10) Which famous person’s talent would you most like to have?


11) If you got to have something named after you to carry on your legacy, what would it be?

Well, when rubbishheterosexuals and I were talking earlier, I said a moon base, and I stand by that, although I admit it’s vanishingly unlikely. Maybe a scholarship fund? (With a standing caveat that the recipients never have to express their gratitude to the trustees of the fund, because holy shit is that awkward and embarrassing)

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11 Questions Thing

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1. What’s the last book you read? Did you like it?

I’m currently about halfway through Asimov’s Caves of Steel, as recommended/enforced by notyourhousekeeperdear. It’s pretty cool! Robots are pretty great, and so is wildly jarring 1950’s slang.

2. What’s your favorite fanfiction/storytelling trope?

Oh man, so many. Unrequited pining? JUST AS PLANNED??? Thinking that someone is dead?? I don’t know don’t make me choooose

wait wait no it’s totally paladin/priestly/otherwise rigidly moral characters doing terrible things with the best of intentions

3. What’s your favorite episode of your favorite TV show?

Episode 10 of PMMM

4. What color shirt would you have if you worked for Star Fleet in Star Trek: The Original Series (Engineering Red, Science Blue, or Command Yellow)?

Probably blue? In that, although I am absolutely not a scientist in this incarnation of myself, science is pretty awesome, and I would rather do it than the alternatives.

5. What was your favorite animated movie when you were younger?

Probably the Lion King, although I also imprinted pretty hard on Hunchback of Notre Dame (

6. Would you trade lives with your favorite character? Why? Why not?

Oh hell no. I most love the characters whose lives are the most painful.

7. What character would be your first choice to trade lives with?


8. Given the opportunity to time travel in only one direction, would you go to the past or the future?

I suppose this depends. If it’s that you can only go one direction and never go back, I’d say the future (see: that post about robots and slightly more equality), but if you could go and come back frequently, just not go in the other direction, definitely the past. Too many things to see.

9. How did you come up with/why did you pick your URL (some of you I already know, but I want to know for everyone I don’t…)?

It was my emperor name when we studied abroad in Italy, and I soul-bonded with this ridiculous fucking emperor (who had more mistresses than he did days in power, and who was at no point sole emperor: he co-ruled with his father). Plus, it’s never taken on anything!

10. Pick a ship. Pick a song for that ship.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am bad at songs

11. Would you rather be a princess or a knight?


I will probably not be tagging people in this because most all the people I know on tumblr got tagged when I did, but this was fun! :D

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rodimiss asked: as an east coast kid i've only heard "ochem"













So far we have accumulated enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that no one on the west coast, east coast, or the Midwest says orgo.

Who are you mysterious orgo people?!?!? Who are you???

attn science side of tumblr we are doing an extremely important study on who actually says orgo

I say orgo and that is what I heard in my undergrad institution in Boston. (But I am a physicist so maybe the chem students said ochem?). Math person in my office who is from Mexico said he has hear ochem or carbonchem. Other physics person in my office has heard both ochem and orgo but she said that ochem is more common where she went to school (Chicago).

carbonchem? now we have to make a whole new addition to the survey this is getting out of hand

new england says orgo

Uni of Illinois says orgo, which wrecked me coming from California.

I say ochem (I took it at Western Washington University) but my girlfriend calls it orgo. She’s from Kentucky.

Said girlfriend from Kentucky (baby, is this a thing now or), and I don’t really remember my picking up saying orgo, haha, but it’s a thing.

Ochem all the way! Although the former lab tech at the local community college liked to abbreviate it “org”. It was strange.

BC, Canada (west coast) and almost everyone here uses o chem.

I’ve only ever heard it called orgo / organic (University of Toronto/McMaster)

Pharmacy Tech in Ohio that worked with several Pharmacy students from the University of Cincinnati — they all called it OChem 

Pretty sure everyone at my school in central PA called it orgo. (Although I myself am a classicist who took no chemistry)

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Be a lady in the streets and a dark, terrifying, chthonic hellbeast in the roads and alleyways, in the liminal, protean spaces from which people avert their gaze and speed past in unthinking, primal terror.

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